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7. Car Lights


I’ve been wanting to try this shot for a long time… Luckily for me our photo challenge forced me to finally go give it a try. I think I may be addicted now to long exposure car light photos!ย Both photos were taken on a tripod. I included the settings I used under each photo.

Car Lights 1

Exposure: 30.0 sec; f/25; ISO 100; Aperture Priority

Car Lights 2

Exposure: 30.0 sec; f/25; ISO 100; Aperture Priority

31 thoughts on “7. Car Lights

  1. Good job. Long exposure is a lot of fun.

  2. These are really cool Mindy! You can even see the reflector pads in the center of the road. Love the colors.

  3. Wow, really nice. You are making me want to go out to play on the highway!

  4. you can see the different colored headllights – very cool. But – I hate the blue ones when I am driving – they blind me!

    • I didn’t expect there to be so many colors…. I loved the little bits of blue and yellow that showed up. I’m not sure where the little green streak came from either. Was fun, have to try again from another place sometime!

  5. That is so cool. Thanks for the settings too.

  6. Very well done Mindy. Certainly you were on a bridge or overpass?

  7. I love the results of slow shutter photos. Good clear shots.

  8. Right on! Long exposure is on my list to try as well!

  9. Wow! Love these shots and amazing for your first try!

  10. Super cool!

  11. These are great. Crisp and clear. Thank you for the settings. I need to find somewhere to take them now.

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