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34. Patterns


Yesterday I went on a road trip with a group of photographer friends, including some from the 52 week photo challenge. It was intended to be an outing to photograph shore birds. Lucky for me the morning started out shrouded in fog. I have a thing for piers in the fog, but because I am not an early morning riser I don’t have a chance to photograph many.

I thought the repeating patterns would make a nice shot for this theme. I hope you all do to?!

Morning Fog

26 thoughts on “34. Patterns

  1. I like fog as well. Nicely done.

  2. Lovely moody shot. I like patterns and fogs too. The textures add to the shot well.

  3. Great shot, well captured and presented!

  4. Very appropriate and it gave me a different outlook on the pier.

  5. Really great use of depth, light and perspective!

  6. Very nice Mindy! Much better than the shots I took. I decided I was too close and should have used a wide angle lense. So I am happy to see yours to enjoy! 😊

    • Thank you Carolyn. Don’t give up on yours to soon! You had all the ingredients… the fog, the pier, the water. As you learn more about photoshop you will probably want to revisit them! Don’t delete!!!

  7. I absolutely love this! I love the pier, and the fog just really makes it fantastic!! =)

  8. beautiful and moody, fog is great.

  9. Well done Mindy, but you can’t forget that even as a non-birder, you did capture that extremely rare dogbird on the field trip.

  10. This shot makes me look and ponder and really feel the mood.

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