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33.Paths And Or Trails


Last weekend I participated in the F3C conference in Fort Myers. One evening a few of us got together for dinner followed by a walk around the downtown area to explore with our cameras. It really was a wonderland of photo ops! I recommend it to anyone thinking about doing any sort of night time street photography.  I thought this gated path through a back alley was a good choice for the theme ‘Paths and or Trails.”

Paths And Or Trails

29 thoughts on “33.Paths And Or Trails

  1. Very nice! … when you said “back alley” this was not what I was expecting as I scrolled down!! – so pretty!

  2. Oooo I love these kinds of shots. Very nice Mindy!

  3. Wow! Anytime you want to take a group down a dark alley again give me a call! Beautiful shot 😊

  4. This looks magical. Enter these gates for a Majestic Wonderland! Great eye, great shot!

  5. Very pretty place and love the starry lights.

  6. Very European looking. Love it!

  7. Reminds me of some of the cities and back alleys in Spain and Italy.

  8. I will have to keep that in mind when I am visiting my grandkids in Ft. Myers. Nice shot!

  9. I am enchanted by the alluring strings of lights beyond the gate. Hmmm, makes me wonder what is back there. Great shot Mindy ❤

  10. nice! I love the night shot. it looks like it’s in Europe not Florida.

  11. Very mysterious! Nicely done!

  12. Lovely lights and colour. I like the way the gate starts off the journey.

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