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28. Natural Beauty


Yesterday I had the opportunity to take my first guided bird boating tour. Our guide, Bob Salyers, was a recent speaker at our local photography club. Several of our members have taken tours with him in the past and he came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. Bob was great at giving me instructions in advance about what camera settings would be appropriate for the lighting. He explained back button focus to me in a way that was easy for me to understand. I will now be using that technic exclusively when I am taking action shots! He was always giving us a heads up on what the birds were doing or about to do in different areas of the rookery. A short attention span has kept me from being a regular bird photographer but Bob kept me on my toes!

Egret Builds A Home

I shot this white egret, with a Sigma 120mm-400mm lens that belongs to Bob. I spent most of my day shooting at a 400mm focal length just because I could! My camera setting were 1/4000 sec; f/5.6; ISO 200; Aperture priority; spot metering.  In post processing I edited in camera raw and then used a couple texture overlays just for fun.

26 thoughts on “28. Natural Beauty

  1. Great shot! The texture overlays turn this from nice to wow!

  2. Spectacular image. Birds are fun, especially when you get the shots that you did!
    Let’s get out and shoot more birds.

  3. Fantastic shot and processing.

  4. Really nice posture of the bird!

  5. I know you had a super time. I went a couple of years ago and there is probably another one in the future.

  6. Great photo and the textures gave it that added punch.

  7. This truly looks like a painting. So well done. Perfect perfect perfect.

  8. That is just awesome! The action, the clarity of the feathers and the texture are just spectacular!

  9. Beautiful shot. The photo is so soft of the bird and lots of movement. This looks like a good excuse for missing class yesterday.

  10. Beautifully photographed and processed. I like BBF too for action shots…not so much for the rest of my photography.

  11. Just beautiful Mindy!

  12. Superb! The textures really add to it and the colours are super! Thanks for the technical information also.

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