52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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46. Still Life


I took this photo yesterday while visiting the South Florida Museum. Our group was allowed special behind the scenes access to the museums shell collection that totals over 20,000 pieces. One of the curators, Tiffany, placed the shells of our choice in a lighted box used by the museum to catalog their pieces. We were allowed to adjust the lighting as it suited us to create our own special photos.

In this photo I took 4 separate images each slightly different in focus. I then stacked them in photoshop to give me 1 sharp image. The tutorial I used can be seen by clicking here.  I also ran across this tutorial  that teaches how to use photo stacking for landscape photos. I’m looking forward to giving it a try as well!


30 thoughts on “46. Still Life

  1. Good job. It’s on my “to do” list.

  2. What a beautiful shot Mindy. Thanks for including the process you went through and the links. ☺️

  3. Very well done. It was such a nice atmosphere there!

  4. I absolutely love this! Beautiful!!

  5. Very pretty, Mindy. Wish I could have gone…….I had grandkids here.

  6. Great shot Mindy. Sorry I had to miss it. Dr.

  7. Thanks for sharing “how to” links … I think everyone is very generous that way. Lovely photo.

  8. it looks so beautiful here. And thanks for your assistance with my photo and setting up this day.

  9. I think your photograph is breath taking! So beautiful.

  10. Seeing the shell in person and now seeing your shot….you put together a great one! Thanks for organizing the outing.

  11. Beautiful! I am so sorry I missed this field trip! I must have remembered the date incorrectly – I thought it was the next week! Boohoo.

  12. Beautiful image. The lighting is just right. Thanks for sharing the links.

  13. What a marvelous capture! All the details are so wonderfully photographed.

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