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15. Graveyard


Since the beginning of this years 52 Week Challenge, I knew which graveyard I wanted to photograph for this theme. It is located in Boquete, Panama.Β The graveyard contains several different types of graves, the traditional single plot, lawn crypts and private mausoleums. I find all the different types in the same area very interesting.

Luckily for me I was able to visit a few weeks ago. Along with fellow blogger, my friend Ida, we took a walk around town that included the graveyard. It was the week before Easter, schools and many business’ are closed beginning on Wednesday that week. There did seem to be many more decorations this time so I am going to assume that more people visit the graves of their family members during this holiday week.

I chose to edit these photos using Silver Effects Pro 2.




29 thoughts on “15. Graveyard

  1. I had a graveyard in mind but won’t be there until AFTER August 1st. :-0 Oh well, I found another in NC. I’ll get caught up (AGAIN) soon. πŸ˜‰
    These are GREAT pictures Mindy. Love the look & the color. Great job as always.

  2. I like the mall. The processing adds to the image.

  3. Beautiful shots Mindy. Great processing. It is amazing how close together all the graves are.

  4. I always find it interesting how cemeteries are so different in different places.

    Nice job Mindy. I like the MALL too!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Love the photo. It’s good to know there are others out there with “favorite” (for lack of a better word) cemeteries. Back in my old stomping grounds this (a full size Mercedes Benz tombstone) is one that most of the natives know about http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/10560.

  6. I especially like the burial mall :). Great shots Mindy. Like Vin says, the styles of cemeteries around the country are amazing. Here it appears that the graves are extremely close.

    • Thanks George. The most beautiful one I have ever been to was in Buenos Aires. I don’t think my husband would understand a need to return just for a 52 week photo challenge photo!

  7. It is very interesting in how cemeteries are in different countries. Nice choice for black and white.

  8. Great choices for B&W. The software you used and the editor, of course, are excellent! I like your different points of view too.

  9. It looks like quite a crowded cemetery. I like all the differences in markers.

  10. B&W was perfect for these shots!

  11. Not exactly orderly, is it? Definitely unique.

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