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43. Solitary


There is a place in Naples, Florida that is pretty special. It’s called the Kowiachobee Animal Preserve. Kowiachobee means “Big Cat” or “Screaming Cat” which refers to the Puma aka the Florida Panther. Β I was fortunate enough recently to visit the preserve while attending the recent F3C conference in Fort Myers, Florida. I along with about 30 other photographers went on a huntΒ in search of a great photo.

This solitary Panther was one of my favorite shots of the day. I was sitting quietly with my camera and for a brief moment felt like the animal was looking right through me.

I chose to enter this photo in the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens 35th annual juried photographic exhibition and was lucky enough to win second place in the Birds, Bugs and Critters category. I hope that in some way that recognition will help to raise awareness of all the good things that they are trying to do at the Preserve. To learn more click here.

Facing Extinction

Facing Extinction

40 thoughts on “43. Solitary

  1. how cool—-congratulations on the win—you must be ecstatic–that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

    Sent from the iPad of Daisy Vulovich


  2. Beautiful image – congrats!

  3. First of all Congratulations! This photo is so amazing. The Panthers eyes are just so intense but, yet I feel a calming presence when I look at it. I can’t explain why maybe it’s the black shadowing. It’s just beautiful. I hope you find a special place in your home to display it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • Thanks Carolyn! We had several LWRDPC members enter photos. The club did very well! There is a reception April 30th from 5:30-7:30pm at Selby. I will be out of town but I hope a lot of our members go and support all those who had their work accepted and on display. πŸ™‚

  4. Excellent photo destined to be a winner. Congratulations!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Mindy – and as you say, looking right through you. I worked on safaris in East Africa long ago and the Big Cats there were just the same – deep, expressionless, amber eyes – eyes to drown in! Very good picture! Adrian

    • Thank you Adrian, I was certainly lost in it’s eyes… I wish I spoke Panther. πŸ™‚

      • But you wouldn’t want a face to face conversation!!! I’m a vast fan of cats, including domestic cats, I find them deeply beautiful and, looking into their eyes, always wonder what living spirit there is in there, what it is that is looking out at me. Leopards and Lions are of course lethal, but Cheetah, something I used to often see, have in fact been domesticated – and having one of those sitting beside your armchair must really be something! If you’re interested, I have a lion photo on my Recent Posts list now – its called “Asleep in the road”. Adrian

      • Will check it out! I don’t think I would be comfortable with one sitting on the floor next to me. For now I’ll keep the fence in the middle. πŸ™‚ A safari sounds like fun though!

  6. Beautiful photo. Congratulations!

  7. You lied, Mindy – luck had nothing to do with winning. That is an incredible image that was taken with skill and developed with a purpose. You earned it; that is mesmerizing.

  8. Congratulations on recognition of your talent. What a fabulous photo! Like you, I love the big cats but I prefer the little kitties for my house.

  9. Congratulations. What a beautiful image. The stare is so intense. What a beautiful cat! Superb
    ?editing too.

  10. Congratulations Mindy. Well done

  11. Wow, amazing picture and certainly worthy of your second place – I’d love to see what won if this came second

  12. absolutely stunning! Congratulations!!

  13. What a prize winner! This is such a hauntingly beautiful photograph, especially when one knows how severely endangered the Florida Panther is. I didn’t know about that place in Naples. On the list.

  14. Beautiful photo. Congrats on the exhibition

  15. Those eyes! Fantastic photo!

  16. Wow! ! You caught the magnificent stare of that panther! Congratulations on the prize you won.

  17. Simply brilliant photo!

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