52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

42. Skyline Panorama


When this photo challenge year began I expected that this theme photo would be a skyline photo of downtown Sarasota. Fortunately for me I recently had an opportunity to visit Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park. In the area several original cabins, barns and other structures still stand watch at the base of the Tetons.

Myself along with three other photography friends woke up before sunrise and made the pilgrimage to photograph a pair of barns built by T.A. Moulton in an area called Antelope Flats in the southern portion of the park.

It was definitely worth the early morning alarm, layers of clothes and wearing winter gloves!

Mormon Row Barn

27 thoughts on “42. Skyline Panorama

  1. I really like this scene. The Teton’s rank very high on my list of places to visit again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful image Mindy. What a great outing!

  3. Beautiful shot and great idea for the theme!

  4. just gorgeous! you did it justice.

  5. Beautiful shot, beautiful presentation

  6. That is a fantastic shot. Definitely worth the early reveille and dressing for c-c-cold in May.

  7. What a wonderful place to visit. I love it!

  8. Lovely shot- brings back memories from my time in Montana (not so far away) – gorgeous shot the barn in the the foreground really adds a sense of scale.

  9. I’m sure you would have had a great shot of Sarasota but I don’t get to see this landscape so I am much happier you chose to take this GORGEOUS shot. Funny, it doesn’t look cold.

  10. Fab setting! Marvelous photo!

  11. The light is amazing. Beautiful landscape and the barns add to the shot too.

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