52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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35. Rocky Waterscapes


I recently took a trip with my husband back to some of his old stomping grounds in the Northeast. We knew some of our activities would include visiting a few light houses. What we didn’t plan for was any type of cold weather! While I took this particular photo of the Portland Head Light, I had the hat on my jacket tied tight trying to block the blowing wind from my face. I wasn’t wearing gloves, because who knew I’d need them in June!! My fingers still hurt on my right hand hours later! When I look at this photo I can still feel the wind and cold…

Portland Head Light


14 thoughts on “35. Rocky Waterscapes

  1. Are you lying in a puddle again? πŸ™‚

  2. Always a good shot. The more the storm the better

  3. Great shot. I had to go find a sweater before I was able to sit down to write this comment. I loved all your lighthouse pics

  4. Beautifully composed, I love the sky.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! I really want to get here one day and see it for myself!

  6. Beautiful – and the black and white accents the waves. This is not the typical postcard photo that so many of us have and I love it!

  7. The black and white really suits the scene. It does look cold and bleak. Great shot.

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