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32. Painting With Light


Last night a location had to be confirmed for an upcoming LWRDPC field trip we are having next week. During a practice session two nights ago we found out the original venue has a closing time. Sometimes I forget that we live in an area that everything closes and the sidewalks roll up at 10:00pm.

Not to worry though! A new location has been found! And it’s all walking distance from our meet up location at the town hall. If you are a photo club member you can get all the details at our club website www.lwrdpc.com. Β And if your a 52 week blogger as well it will be a perfect chance to fulfill your light painting theme!

IMG_5236 copy-1 IMG_5240 copy-1

18 thoughts on “32. Painting With Light

  1. Fun! I’ve been wanting to try this myself. Yours came out great!

    • Thanks Laura. There are oodles of online tutorials to give you a starting point. I’ve been collecting little lights for a long time. The best ones for orbs are the little dog collar lights they sell at Home Depot near the checkout. They are available in white or multi colored. I have 4 or 5 different technics planned depending on time. πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome Mindy. Ah interesting about those dog collar lights. Thanks for the tip! I might just do that. I’m adding it onto a list I keep for photo ideas. πŸ™‚

  2. Great shots. Sorry to miss the field trip.

  3. Mary, that’s an especially good job spelling with lights!

  4. These turned out wonderful!

  5. Great shots Mindy, I love, LOVE! aw…who doesn’t?

  6. I had scratched that theme, but now I have recovered it. See you at the field trip.

  7. Great paintings with light!

  8. I’m excited and ready to play.

  9. Thanks for the idea. I was scratching this theme.

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