52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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14. Four Letter Word


Last year when Patricia, Mary Nell and I were finalizing the themes for this year I thought this theme was going to be a breeze. And I had a lot of giggles wondering what everyone would come up with. It ended up being much more difficult than I thought… hence the reason why it is the last post of the year for me.

This morning I was reading a post to the LWRDPC facebook page by Morag Reid. The post was a list of 13 exercises to help photographers jumpstart their creativity. One of the exercises reminded me of a little ‘TINY’ photographer I bought while I was on vacation in Maine. I was in a toy store looking for some fun and creative things for my grandkids. Instead I found a whole line of little people by Playmobil for myself! I thought it would be fun to take my little photographer on vacation and pose her in all sorts of exotic places. That didn’t work out so well…. she ended up in the bottom of my purse instead.

So, today I got out my tiny little friend and challenged myself to take several photos of her while never leaving my desk chair. Silly things like this make me laugh… so I fully expect that Tiny will be showing up in more of my photos in the future!


Tiny on my hard drive

Tiny on my hard drive

Tiny on my power cord

Tiny on my power cord

Tiny on my Wacom tablet

Tiny on my Wacom tablet

Tiny on my shelf

Tiny on my shelf

31 thoughts on “14. Four Letter Word

  1. I love this! Great idea… this theme was hard! I also thought it would be easy until I start trying to come up with words…

  2. You are silly, but so much fun and I love your creativity. Amusing photos, Mindy! πŸ™‚

  3. Is ‘FUN’ a 4 letter word? I enjoyed this year in photos and look forward to next — wait,’ NEXT’ that is a 4 letter word.

  4. Tiny looks good on your new header for the blog too! And she seems to be a willing and always available model.

  5. Hey…my height! Lol

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Love Tiny but I think you need to get a blond wig for her.

  7. “Help! I’m Tiny and I can’t stop being photographed,”

  8. oooo… good one! I see you got some use out of your LaCie too :0)

  9. It was a difficult category out of something that should be easy. I like your interpretation. Gary

  10. Mindy I really love this, What a great idea !

  11. Love these! And thanks for all your lovely encouraging comments this year. Looking forward to the next challenge!

  12. A portable model! Great idea. She had a busy day exploring your desk. Thank you for your support and encouragement and sense of humour. Looking forward to next year.

  13. Let the “TINY” adventures begin! Can’t wait!

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