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27. Memories


During this time of year I always think back to my memories of my kids starting a new school year. I began the tradition of them holding a sign with the date and what grade they would be starting when they were very young. The photo HAD to be taken on the very first day. Over the years their expressions changed a lot! During the early elementary years they held their signs with pride and gave me giant smiles. When they entered middle school their smiles were forced and their eyes were rolling. In high school sometimes they went along just to shut me up or I would have to chase them as they tried to leave the house without doing it all together. It was a game that I didn’t mind playing because I loved the photos so much.

When school ended and they left home I was sometimes surprised by them sending me photos of themselves holding a sign they made on their own to mark an important first; a first day of college or a first day on the job.

Now they are taking their own photos of their kids firsts’. ย I hope while they are taking photos they will also be remembering when they were the one holding the sign. And at least once I hope they have to chase one of them down the driveway waving a sign in one hand and a camera in the other!

I decided that Tiny ย taking a photo of ย her little friend wearing a backpack would be a good way to bring this memory to life. But because it’s such a happy memory for me I decided to take the photo myself!
First Day Of School

36 thoughts on “27. Memories

  1. As you know I now wait with bated breath for Friday mornings and Tiny’s adventures! I remember you having the girls hold up the signs and I am glad to see them carrying on the tradition. Great story and perfect timing.

  2. This is GREAT … set up must have been interesting! I love that little tripod! I just got very nostalgic reading your post … I did the same – always the same “spot” so we could see how much the grew in the year.

  3. Thats a beautiful story Mindy. My parents where the opposite… probably due to being the youngest of 7. They shoved me out the door as fast as they could lol.

  4. Nice story!

  5. Very nice story and the memories you created. Cute image

  6. I’m wishing I’d done that! Got one of T’s first day at school though. Love the Tiny Adventures.

  7. Love it! I too took first day of school pictures but didn’t think about doing the signs. You made me remember those days of innocents and anticipation when our children were small.

  8. we took some pictures on some first days of school but not the signs….good idea. love your little people!

  9. someday Tiny will be able to look back fondly at this lovely life.

  10. Adorable! And loved the story to go with it.

  11. Sweet story, beautiful photo including you making sure they all look perfect. Love the props! Now I guess kids are just doing “selfies” with their little iphones.

  12. So great Mindy, I took photos of my kids too every year on the first day of school. They too are carrying on the tradition. Tiny is making a name for herself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Lol…lol…lol….waaaaaaaay too much time on your hands…did you go shopping at the playmobil store for their back to,school backpack…And do you shrink Lola?!

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  14. Naturally, I love this. Such a wealth of memories you managed to stir up for so many followers. I attempted to take “first day” pictures, but as you know, my boys were very uncooperative as the years passed by. High school? Forget it! Now? Only for their Granny! lol

  15. Is Tiny going to grow-up, graduate, have babies?????? Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  16. Massive points 4 creativity!

  17. Great story telling and brings back many memories! I like you being in on the act this time. Another dimension! Very clever. I am enjoying Tiny.

  18. I like this how u put yourself into it

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