52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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46. Tell A Story


This past week Tiny took her little dog Lola on a trip to Yellowstone National Park to photograph wildlife. Right away they saw aΒ bison grazing in the tall grasses near the edge of a river. Lola was content to just stay close and be a good little dog while Tiny snapped off several shots. Tiny didn’t know at the time but the photos she took of the bison would be some of the last she would get that day. After Lola spotted a moose off in the distance, Tiny would spend the rest of the day chasing Lola and saving her from being eaten. First by the moose and later by an angry mother grizzly bear when Lola got too close to her cub.

Disclaimer- Lola was never put into any danger during the making of this blog post. A stunt dog was used for all photos taken near any dangerous wildlife.

41 thoughts on “46. Tell A Story

  1. But you didn’t say anything about whether the stunt dog was injured. Strange that you not only have all tiny’ world but also wildlife for shots like these.

  2. Lucky Lola … Sidni and I just returned from the wilds of Northern Maine and did not even see a moose. Guess we should have gone to Yellowstone. 😦 Cute pictures.

  3. Another great one! I’m really tempted to post my “behind the scenes” photo from this…. =)

  4. Well I’m sure we’re all glad they are back home safely – what with sharks and now this – could they just keep a low profile now? this might be too scary for a childrens book at this rate!

  5. Good story and pix. What theme could the behind the scenes pix fit in? Last year’s Juxtaposition?

  6. And you continue to entertain, Mindy! I’m delighted you were able to travel with Tiny and her dog. I see they made very interesting travel companions.

  7. Crazy but still so cute and creative!!

  8. So inventive! I never saw a moose in Yellowstone either. Love the story and the tiny people!!!

  9. Tiny got a little too close to those critters for her photos. Luck she is tiny and they did not see her. :o)

  10. I continue to be amazed at your creativity Mindy! Wonderful! πŸ‘

  11. Another terrific episode. Great shots and creativity. I am still looking in all the toy shops for Tiny with a camera but no luck yet.

  12. Tiny is very brave and adventures! Did Mr. Grey approve of this lol!

  13. I just love that story telling idea. So cute… πŸ˜‰

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