52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

10. Dawn’s Light


Tiny and Lola are not early risers. But recently they were visiting a rocky patch of Florida coast with a group of ninjas. They both woke up early to tag along and enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

Jupiter Beach Ninjas



21 thoughts on “10. Dawn’s Light

  1. It figures that Tiny would have Ninja friends. Her life mirrors yours! 😉

  2. That Florida coast has pretty big boulders! But what a beautiful morning that turned into.

  3. I think you should put a ‘follow’ button so we can follow the Chronicles of Tiny!
    Well done

  4. I really enjoy seeing what Tiny & Lola get up to – have I missed the dog’s name?????

  5. AMAZING!! If this becomes a graphic novel I will be purchasing this for my boys!! Let me know when you’re signing!! 😉

  6. Tiny strikes again…perspective is great!

  7. Ha Ha. Tiny sure leads an exciting life.

  8. Love how the first photo leads into the next! Super shots! Can’t wait to turn the page and see where we go next!

  9. Beautiful sunrise and beautifully taken. Tiny and Lola were so lucky to see it……..and the ninja!

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