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44. Speed


Yes, I am out of control… who knew that at 50 years old I would revert back to a 5 year old and be having this much fun playing with little toys. What can I say, I needed to try something new with my 52 week photo challenge. Tiny has freed my imagination to run wild. I have no excuse to be behind on my weekly posts because most of the photos have been taken in my office, yard or the street in front of my house. Β And when the year is over my grandkids will have some new toys to play with. Well maybe… πŸ˜‰

What can I tell you… Tiny and Lola got stopped for speeding on the way to a photo shoot. She’s sorry.



19 thoughts on “44. Speed

  1. Everything I think you have come up with the best idea you have another one up your sleeve. Great shot!

  2. “I feel the need, the need for speed!” Glad to see that Tiny and I have the “lead foot” in common. 😊 I can tell that you are having a blast with these. Great job!

  3. she doesn’t LOOK sorry … or is she trying to charm the policeman …

  4. I give you PROPS for having so many props.

  5. give Tiny a lecture on her driving –

  6. Speeding? How careless, especially with her DSLR hanging out of the convertible. Gary

  7. You mean she couldn’t bat her eyelashes and talk her way out of it?

  8. Did she get a mini ticket

  9. Oh dear! Bad luck, Tiny. Great episode. You should be getting sponsorship from Play Mobil for all the publicity across the world!

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