52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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6. Celebration


Tiny was part of the best kind of celebration last night. She was able to document the birth of a baby with her camera. Each delivery is always unique and this one was no exception. When the baby was born and the new dad saw his beautiful new baby he was overcome with emotion and passed out cold. Fortunately the Dr. was able to patch him up quickly so he could get back to his wife’s side.

When Tiny left both mommy and baby were resting comfortably.

page1 celebration

page2 celebration


Author: Mindy Towns

Hi, my name is Mindy Towns, I live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Along with several friends I have been participating in a weekly, theme based, photo blog since August 2012. Each year we receive a new list of 52 themes. We then post a photo each week that fits one of the themes along with a brief description about why we feel the photo fits the theme. Over the years I have learned a lot about my camera, new photography technics and also a lot about my fellow bloggers. I've peeked into their homes, met their families and traveled to exotic places through their photos. This year I am challenging myself further by trying to become even more creative in my posts. I found the cutest little Playmobil person complete with a camera and a little dog. She is going to be my little personal assistant over the coming months. I'm going to use many of the photo skills I have learned from participating in the photo challenge along with some new photoshop tools I have been practicing. I hope you will continue to follow my blog as I change things up a bit this year. Perhaps some of you will raid someones toy chest or toss something cute into your Target shopping cart and get a little silly with me. If you want to see examples of my grown up photography please visit one of my links listed on this blogs home page!

28 thoughts on “6. Celebration

  1. Love that the dad passed out! Too fun!

  2. It’s a regular soap opera! Well done because of the happy ending.

  3. This one is over the top!!!!!

  4. OMG!!!! How do you keep getting better & better?? I LOVE it!!

  5. What an imagination. These stories are great.

  6. I fell behind on looking through other people’s blogs and now I see I missed a momentous celebration…congratulations to Tiny! (and to you for fabulous imagination and great shots)

  7. OMG!!!!!Lol…..

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  8. I hope they did not have to use the instruments. I do not like the look of them! It gets better and better. Great story telling and imagery!

  9. That was hysterical. And the paper towels that you used for hospital linens – that was the best!!

    • 😀 Thanks Kathy…. I just look around and see how I can make things go together. I expect things to start getting a lot harder as there are less and less themes to choose from! 🙂

  10. This is one strong newborn baby. No wonder the father passed out.

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