52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

52. Yellow


Well it doesn’t get more yellow than this!  I have learned all about the minions thanks to my grandson Greyson. If it has a minion on it he wants it.

I was on a Walmart run to buy mailing labels and took a side trip down the toy isle. Because that is what I do now because of this ridiculous blog… I think I may have let out an audible giggle when I saw this 8 pack of tiny little minions. Let me introduce you to Carl, Kevin, Phil, Jerry, Stuart, Tom, Dave and Tim.

So here you go, more tiny toys that the grandkids think will belong to them in August. HA!


18 thoughts on “52. Yellow

  1. OMG! Perfect minions for Tiny! I’m guessing your grandkids are NEVER getting these toys! It’s going to look like a 4 year old lives at your house. =)

  2. Well, until you and Tiny came along I didn’t even know what a minion was. Thanks for expanding my universe! 🙂

  3. My grandkids are visiting next month. Must get in the minion game!

  4. What a great lineup! More fun for you and fun for us too!

  5. That’s yellow alright. Love Tiny’s tiny friends!

  6. Great Yellow image. Our grand children certainly keep us young. No time to get old. Keep it coming, Mindy!

  7. Love the Minions — I have a Minion ringtone on my cell

  8. Love it Mindy! My minions will have to come over to play. 😝

  9. Its’ a sickness, but fun. Gary

  10. love minions, too bad this post doesn’t have sound

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