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A3 Nature


Tiny and Lola recently attended a photo workshop in Grand Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During one night of the trip they camped near the Mormon Row barns so they could practice light painting after dark. They came prepared with loads of flashlights, bug spray and of course wine!



17 thoughts on “A3 Nature

  1. Great episode again. Tiny and friends certainly know how to have fun! I like the backdrop.

  2. Perfect… other than I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to camp there. =) Love that you’re putting yourself into these!

  3. Love the new twist which includes you. What an artistic background! šŸ˜€

  4. I’m sure you helped them choose good wines for the great outdoors. Nice that you provided light for their event too. Good depth of field in this image.

  5. They had a good instructor!

  6. So cute. Especially you in the tent!!

  7. Nice Mindy – it’s like reading a novel…always looking for the next adventure.

  8. Tiny and Lola sure so get around.

  9. that’s supposed to say “sure do”

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