52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

A2. Christmastime


Christmas is a busy time of year for Tiny and Lola. Taking family photos for Christmas cards seem to begin the minute all the turkey sandwiches are finished.


21 thoughts on “A2. Christmastime

  1. But where oh where did she find snow?

  2. Hahahahahah! I found you, Sneaky! Weren’t they cold wearing short sleeves? 😉

  3. There is a little game of “where’s Mindy?” being played here…. heheheh?????

  4. Love your creativity Mindy! Someone has to keep the fires burning inside on such a cold day! Aren’t you glad you aren’t up north for real! Burrrr🌨☃❄️

  5. You really out did yourself on this one Mindy. How do you do it?

  6. You are definitely in your “zone” with the Tiny photos and stories. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice one! Happy Christmas to you and your family xxx

  8. the did a lovely job decorating the house

  9. love those little people!!

  10. It gets better and better. The house is fantastic. I see you Mindy. Just checking to see when to pour the hot chocolate!

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