52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


52. What’s Cooking?

Tonight it was apple crisp! My husband hates apples so since he is away I made the house smell like warm apples and cinnamon! The recipe I followed belongs to my Aunt Lois who is an amazing cook. I love to use recipes given to me by people I love. It gives me an opportunity to remember that person as I am cooking a dish that reminds me of them. My second favorite apple crisp was the one the lunch ladies made when I was in elementary school. Isn’t it amazing how a certain food can bring back a flood of memories? Aunt Rosie’s Taco Salad, Aunt Alice’s left over pork roast stew, Grandma Vinson’s frozen chocolate chip cookies and german chocolate cake, Grandpa Vinson’s chicken and dumplin’s…. Yummy!

Apple Dumplins


A6 Animals At Play

This is only meant to be a joke! But it fits a theme for my photo challenge so I am going with it! We have two dogs that think they are little people. When I am in the studio setting up for a shoot they like to follow me and try to get me to take their photo. They always go straight for the ottoman… When I tell them to sit down and smile I really think they know what I am saying! For me and my dogs that is just one of the ways we “play.” I thought I’d show you a photo of each of them “At Play” with me in the studio this week!

This is Louie!

This is Louie!

Louie always tilts his head to the side just a little bit. It’s his go to pose. And Lola can be a real glamour girl! I had my box of silk flowers out as part of a shoot I was planning. I was giggling because I told her lay down and she let me lay several of the flowers around her. She wasn’t thrilled about it but she knew that she couldn’t leave until I got a shot! I can’t help it, they make me laugh…Glamour Dog




5. Bouncer

I took a little trip downtown Sarasota this morning to visit the weekly farmers market. I was in search of photos to fulfill some of my photo blog themes. I am finding some of those remaining quite difficult. That includes the theme “Bouncer.” I thought of bouncing babies, kids on a trampoline, a group of people playing basketball etc. None of those felt original to me even if I were to actually find someone doing that!  Today I finally had something jump out at me. I noticed the little wooden figurines bouncing up and down before I even read the sign! They are handmade in Germany and the Czech Republic and come in over 150 styles. I especially loved the little pink princess.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  EF 50mm f/1.8 1/400 sec; f/6.3; ISO 100

Canon EOS 5D Mark II EF 50mm f/1.8
1/400 sec; f/6.3; ISO 100

Canon EOS 5D Mark II EF 50mm f/1.8 1/800 sec; f/6.3; ISO 100

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
EF 50mm f/1.8
1/800 sec; f/6.3; ISO 100


41. Splash

While visiting Seattle last fall with my husband we took a tour to visit several wine vineyards. On the way the tour stopped at Snoqualmie Falls.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II EF 24-105mm f/4 Focal Length 32 mm 1/200sec; f/6.3; ISO 200

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
EF 24-105mm f/4
Focal Length 32 mm
1/200sec; f/6.3; ISO 200

We really were more interested in getting to our destination than we were of looking at a waterfall. I insisted on at least snapping off a few photos before following my non-photography husband to the Salish Lodge which sits at the top of the falls. I wish I could show you a photo of the view we enjoyed from the lodge looking back at the river below. Instead I will show you a photo of the view my husband chose upon our arrival at the lodge.

Both views did however fit my theme “Splash!”

Salish Lodge


And because the story isn’t complete without it…. the wine!



1. A Hot Ride

Today I stopped in at the Manatee Convention Center to check out some of the cars that will be offered at auction this weekend at the D.E. Foeller 17th Annual Collector Car Auction. I was in search of a photo to match my “A Hot Ride” theme. I think I found it in the paint job of this car!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II EF24-105mm f/4L Focal Length 65mm 1/32 sec; f/4.0; ISO 5000

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
EF24-105mm f/4L
Focal Length 65mm
1/32 sec; f/4.0; ISO 5000


3. An Expression of Love

Recently I celebrated a birthday. I gathered my cards and flowers for a photo to represent my “Expression of Love” photo. I have to giggle a little when I look at all the other things that are being said in this photo… A funny reference to pushing up daisies, a card about my weird dreams, growing old, dogs, love and of course a man with a big clock! My friends are warped! Another reason I love them too.



26. Light and Airy

Light and Airy

Little Miss Mindy
had a great plan
to take a photo she loved.
Along came a spider
who wove a web right beside her
that fit her theme like a glove.

On a recent frosty morning I admired the work of a spider in my back yard. I thought it fit the theme, “Light and Airy” perfectly.

IMG_7235 close


48. There’s nothing better than…

…learning new things in photo shop!


I know it isn’t perfect.  But it sure is fun figuring it all out!


21. In The Clouds

I’m so glad I haven’t used this theme yet! This photo makes me smile…. I did a photo shoot this morning and made a promise to this little guy. I told him if he smiled for all of his shots I’d do something special just with him.  I love it when a plan comes together!

IMG_1797 SuperSam2forblog


42. Standing Out From The Crowd.

hmmmm. I think a better title for this might be “Crossing Guards Gone Wild!”  But that isn’t a choice so I will stick to”Standing Out From The Crowd.” Please someone promise me that if I ever try to leave the house dressed head to toe in neon orange you will stop me.

IMG_9185 copy


7. Catch Me If You Can

My grandson Greyson is visiting for a couple days. He is much more mobile since the last time he was here. Our dogs Louie and Lola used to want to see him all the time and would get very concerned if they heard him make a fuss. That’s not true anymore. They spend most of their time looking over their shoulder now to see where the little squirmy one is! And when he sees them it can quickly turn into a game of “Catch me if you can!”



22. In The Trees

When I was in Seattle recently I went past these brightly colored trees several times in Westlake Park. I didn’t see anything posted explaining the bright blue trees and nobody I asked was able to give me a proper explanation.  I decided to snap several photos as I walked quickly through the park.  (My husband was sick of me asking him to stop every 20 feet to take a proper photo!)

Of course when I returned home I googled it. I found that Austrailian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos painted the trees ultramarine blue to draw attention to deforestation. My first thought when reading that was, “Well heck won’t painting the trees kill them?”  Fortunately he thought of that too. The trees are painted with a colorant made from azurite, a vibrant blue rock and water. Over time, the vibrant blue will fade and be washed away by the rain.

I’m not sure seeing the blue trees made me think about deforestation…. I was thinking, “Wow I’d love to be here at night and try light painting!”  But hey, that’s just me…




32. Out Of Place

Recently while visiting Seattle I chuckled to myself when I saw this man playing the piano on a street corner near Pike Place. There were several street performers in the area but he did seem out of place to me. Most street performers don’t bring such a large piece of equipment with them do they? It made me wonder how far he had to push or pull his piano?!  And, had he not been careful this theme could have very easily became “31.Out of Control” or “33. Over the Hill!”



A4 My Hometown

Last week I went to visit my hometown, Auburn IN., for a week. My daughter recently had a new baby girl! I went to help with her other 2 children while she recovered from the delivery.

Auburn is in the Northeast corner of Indiana. About 20 miles north of Fort Wayne right along interstate 69. It is home to the Auburn, Cord Duesenberg Museum, the annual ACD Festival and the site of many collector cars auctions. The biggest of the auctions are held during Labor Day Weekend.  In my previous life time before moving to Florida I used to work for some of the companies, Kruse International, RM Auctions, Auctions America and Vintage Gavel. Probably because I grew up seeing so many collector cars and working for the auction companies I was never impressed seeing the old cars driving around the city streets. It wasn’t uncommon. Because I have lived away for so many years I did notice the cars last week. It made me smile to think about all the school field trips to the museum with my daughters school groups, sitting along the streets with the kids to watch the cars parade through the city streets and walking around the courthouse square to look at the cars on Friday nights during the festival. Once I started working for the auction companies it sometimes became a family affair. My daughters used to help out during some of the sales and sometimes even traveled with me to the smaller sales. Some of the regular customers would look forward to seeing the girls and would ask about them for years to come. I suppose like a lot of things that you do when your kids are little you don’t really appreciate them when they are happening. But it was nice to reminisce last week while driving around town to run errands for my daughter. It was a nice reminder to me to enjoy my hectic visit with my grand kids. I know in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up. I will be fondly looking back at this visit and not remembering what at times felt like chaos…. I will be remembering the bubble baths, reading them books and the kisses good night when I tucked them into bed.



IMG_1198IMG_1158 copyIMG_1292bw copy


30. Other Photographers

Our photo blogs are getting some exciting attention! The East County Observer has done a story about how much fun we are having! Last week Josh Siegel sat down with Mary Nell, Patricia and I to find out more about the 52-Week Photo Challenge. If you want to read the full story you can visit an online version of the paper here. While Josh was taking a photo of us, I of course was taking a photo of him! Perfect for the theme, “Other Photographers.”




14. Here’s Your Sign

I will probably be sorry that I used this theme so early in the year. I am always looking for unusual signs. This “No Smoking/No Puffin” sign caught my eye in the store and restaurant windows in Alaska. 

Puffins are seabirds that feed primarily by diving in the water. They breed in large colonies on cliffs or offshore islands, nesting in crevices among the rocks or in burrows in the soil. 

We were very fortunate during out recent trip to Alaska to have unseasonably good weather. We were able to visit St. Lazaria Island a 65 acre island created when lava pushed up through the sea floor-much the same process that created the Hawaiian islands. The sheer cliffs are a perfect habitat for seabirds: up to half a million storm petrels, murres, auklets, and puffins nest on the island. 



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4. Wrinkles

Noticed this beautiful gown in a store window. For the amount of money that it costs I think they could have ironed out the “Wrinkles.”  Just sayin… ;D



13. Zig Zag

Sarasota if filled with statues/sculptures! Just in googling for this blog I found stories about the Museum of Art and Whimsy, The Art Center Sarasota’s Statue Gardens, Sarasota Season of Sculpture and one that everyone is very familiar with the Unconditional Surrender kissing statue near Marina Jacks! I must admit I don’t always understand some of the choices of sculpture they choose to display along the bay. The Unconditional Love statue attracts a lot of tourists, but I’m puzzled how a statue that is based on a photo taken in New York found its way to the bay front in Sarasota. Oh well.

I found this silly alligator art/sculpture on Palm Ave. recently while walking around in downtown Sarasota. It’s not my favorite piece of downtown art but it did fit the theme “Zig Zag.” Because of that it will earn a place in my weekly photo blog. Maybe next year one of our themes will match some of the other statues that rank higher on my list!


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28. The Sound of Music

I love to hang out at O’Leary’s Tiki Bar. It is located in Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that is usually filled with “The Sound of Music.” You can count on there being someone singing a Jimmy Buffett tune! The park is dog friendly so there are usually lots of furry friends running around with their owners enjoying the sights, smells and an occasional game of fetch along the waters edge. The food is basic and the drinks are always cold!



48. Point or Pointed

During Nik Wallenda’s recent walk across the Grand Canyon local residents gathered in downtown Sarasota to watch together on the jumbotron. While the crowd waited for the main event there were several performances by the members of the Sarasota Circus. I managed to get close enough to grab a photo of these 2 very strong men that I thought would fit nice with my Point or Pointed theme. They definitely had very pointed feet and hands!

Circus Sarasota Performers at the Nik Wallenda street party.




44. Red, White and Blue

I’m sure I am not the only one of us that was saving up the “Red, White and Blue” theme for the 4th of July! It was an obvious choice to me. Perhaps not the most creative. But it was fun! I had a hard time picking just one though. I really thought it would be all about the desserts. But then Mary Nell showed up to the festivities with these awesome painted toes so I had to include them too!

photo-8 IMG_9619 photo-9 photo-3


46. It’s Moving (Just Not Fast Enough!)

So, these days I pretty much have my camera with me all the time AND a list of the few themes I have left!

Today while driving to the store I spotted this turtle trying to cross the road. My first thought was, “oh no, that turtle is going to get squashed!” My second thought was, “will that fit a theme?” The only thing I was certain of was that a dead turtle wasn’t going to make a good photo and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a death theme. That would just be gross! I hit the hazard flashers, grabbed my camera, took a photo out the window, looked for cars and got out. I asked the turtle to smile. No luck. Took his photo anyhow. Then all of a sudden I realized what I had just committed to. I was going to have to pick up this turtle and carry it to the grass. That was a good idea from inside the car. Have you ever picked up a turtle that didn’t want to be picked up?! And who knew their legs are THAT long. Ack! And they smell like pond water! The first 2 attempted resulted in me squealing and quickly (yes, gently) putting the turtle back down. That is the photo I wish I had! I was standing in the road giggling out loud hoping nobody was watching me. I took a deep breath and just got it over with. I told the turtle I just saved it’s life and again asked it to smile for my camera. Still no luck. I left with the turtle facing the direction from which it had come and wishing I carried wet wipes in my camera case! I am using the theme, “It’s Moving.” Although a more appropriate theme would have been, “It Should Be Moving Faster.”




39. Red

I’m working hard to get through these last few weeks of my photo blog! You would think finding something “Red” would be a no brainer. Yet, everything seems to obvious or not creative enough to photograph. I finally settled on something today! A little self serving? Maybe! I went for a pedicure this afternoon and just to satisfy my photo theme I chose the color Red! I grabbed a photo in the parking lot with my iPhone before I did something stupid to mess it up.



32. Glitter

I had a totally different idea for the photo to go along with this theme originally. But after reviewing the photos I took recently at my granddaughters dance recital I decided to chuck that idea. How could I not use her as my subject. Her little costume certainly glittered. And as far as I was concerned when she was on stage she glittered so brightly that to me she was the only one there!



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Next Years Challenge

This years 52 Week Challenge is quickly coming to an end! Just a few short weeks to get all caught up… I know we are all having the same problem trying to come up with a photo for those themes that we have avoided all year long! We are all in the same boat on this one! Don’t feel bad if you have to use an idea that someone else already tried! It’s ok! This is just for fun and we don’t want anyone to feel discouraged. Even if you use the same idea your photo isn’t going to be exactly the same!

Mary Nell, Patricia and I have been working on finishing up the theme list for next year. We have some great ones!! This week we will pick a time and place to have our year end luncheon so keep an eye out for that announcement. Also, if you know anyone that might be interested in joining in on the next challenge let us know. We are going to set up a time and place to help newbies build a page and learn how to maintain it. Anyone who feels like they need a refresher on any part of wordpress your welcome to join us.

You don’t have to live in our area to join in! If you are someone who follows our photo challenge and would like to participate just let me know! The more the merrier…

Now get busy taking photos!! Time is almost up! According to my count today you should be posting your 46th post if you are all caught up!