52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


35. On The River

Rain in Florida is not unusual. What does feel unusual for me is rain lasting for days upon days. The rains we have been getting in the last couple weeks feel more like the rainy seasons we used to experience when we lived in Panama. The morning news has been full of flood advisories and warnings not to drive through flooded streets.
I decided to take another tiny Playmobil man out to the street/river in front of my house for a little creative photo shoot. The gutter must seem like a river when you are 2 1/2 inches tall!
All my clothes are now in the dryer….


38. Selfie

I’ve needed to do a new head shot for awhile now. But I’ve made a bunch of excuses why┬áNOT to do it.
1. I didn’t want to waste all the time is would take me and not get several uses from it. If I did it before August 1st I wouldn’t have been able to use it as a theme.
2. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out… But as anyone knows, hair can go through a lot of ugly stages before it gets to an “ok, finally” stage. That explains why I have been wearing it in a pony tail for awhile now!
3. I have 1 business card left.
4. I have had to apologize to the last 2 people I handed a business card to because it looks nothing like me on said business card.
So today I finally did it. I set my camera on my tripod, unpackaged my new wireless remote trigger (thank you Liesel Walsh for recommending a good one), curled and puffed my hair and propped a mirror on the wall across from me.
This is as good as it gets…. I’m sitting in my Indiana t-shirt and sweat pants now. And the florida humidity has already flattened my hair. I will probably still get funny looks when I hand someone my business card. Oh well, I tried!Mindy Towns