52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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7. Catch Me If You Can

My grandson Greyson is visiting for a couple days. He is much more mobile since the last time he was here. Our dogs Louie and Lola used to want to see him all the time and would get very concerned if they heard him make a fuss. That’s not true anymore. They spend most of their time looking over their shoulder now to see where the little squirmy one is! And when he sees them it can quickly turn into a game of “Catch me if you can!”



8. WOW!

My blog photo choice this week isn’t so much about the photo quality, but the content.

Back 100 years ago, when I was pregnant with my 3 daughters, ultra sounds were only done if your Dr. thought there might be a problem with the baby. Now it is common for the Dr. to do them routinely. With all of that being said…

My oldest daughter who lives nearby in Florida is going to have a baby in December. Yesterday I went with her to the all important find out the sex of the baby appointment! It was so exciting for me to be there in the room and share that experience with Alissa and Billy! Technology has come so far! Not only was I able to count all the fingers and toes, view “his” little heart beating, I saw the little “guy” taking a swallow and sticking out “his” tongue!

I  have 3 other grandchildren but unfortunately they all live far away in Indiana. Because of the distance I was unable to attend doctors appointments with my daughters or the births of their babies. I’m excited that this time around I will be able to be closer and experience some of these special times with my daughter!

So this is my Wow! photo. What is normal these days to some is brand new to me! I think Wow! to myself every time I view this photo and think about what a little miracle I am looking at!