52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


29. Stacked High

Earlier this week I took a stroll downtown Sarasota looking for blog photos with a friend. I feel like my photo search is beginning to get harder! Several of the themes I have left have me totally stumped. Photos seem to be less planned and more of a coincidence. This is a good example of stumbling onto something very random, interesting and totally unexpected.

I have driven down Main Street many times and never would have noticed this shop if I hadn’t been on foot AND carrying a camera. I seem to look more closely at everything when I am looking for a photo. I noticed a really pretty ballet costume just inside a shop door that caught my eye. I thought it might fit the glitter theme… I told the shop keeper that I was working on a photo blog and he quickly ushered me to the back room to show me stacks and stacks of his other costumes. Unbeknownst to me this man has a thriving business supplying the finest dancers all over the United States with hand beaded Russian made ballet costumes. I thought these photos fit perfectly with the “Stacked High” theme. AND because I was looking more closely I discovered something new and interesting about someplace familiar to me! http://www.tutustar.com to read more about something in our own back yard!ImageImageImageImage