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When I lived in Panama I knew about a rock wall that occasionally tourists would climb. I had driven past it and wondered what had caused the rocks to take on their interesting shape. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I went back for a visit and took some photos that I was motivated to do a google search and learn more about what caused the interesting rock formation.

I learned that this type of rock is called columnar basalts. They result when a lava flow cools quickly. The lava contracts vertically but cracks perpendicular to it’s directional flow with remarkable geometric regularity. In most cases forming a regular grid of remarkable hexagonal extrusions that appear to be made by man.

I think I will keep my feet planted on the ground to photograph things like this. Unfortunately with my lack of upper body strength I wouldn’t get 6 foot off the ground! I’ll leave that up to the experts or tourists who don’t know any better!