52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


46. It’s Moving (Just Not Fast Enough!)

So, these days I pretty much have my camera with me all the time AND a list of the few themes I have left!

Today while driving to the store I spotted this turtle trying to cross the road. My first thought was, “oh no, that turtle is going to get squashed!” My second thought was, “will that fit a theme?” The only thing I was certain of was that a dead turtle wasn’t going to make a good photo and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a death theme. That would just be gross! I hit the hazard flashers, grabbed my camera, took a photo out the window, looked for cars and got out. I asked the turtle to smile. No luck. Took his photo anyhow. Then all of a sudden I realized what I had just committed to. I was going to have to pick up this turtle and carry it to the grass. That was a good idea from inside the car. Have you ever picked up a turtle that didn’t want to be picked up?! And who knew their legs are THAT long. Ack! And they smell like pond water! The first 2 attempted resulted in me squealing and quickly (yes, gently) putting the turtle back down. That is the photo I wish I had! I was standing in the road giggling out loud hoping nobody was watching me. I took a deep breath and just got it over with. I told the turtle I just saved it’s life and again asked it to smile for my camera. Still no luck. I left with the turtle facing the direction from which it had come and wishing I carried wet wipes in my camera case! I am using the theme, “It’s Moving.” Although a more appropriate theme would have been, “It Should Be Moving Faster.”