52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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10. Dawn’s Light

Tiny and Lola are not early risers. But recently they were visiting a rocky patch of Florida coast with a group of ninjas. They both woke up early to tag along and enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

Jupiter Beach Ninjas




24. Long Exposure

Recently I attended the f3c conference in Fort Myers, Florida. When not attending workshops or lectures I was spending time with friends exploring the area. One night we had dinner downtown and then explored the area afterwards with our cameras.

This shot was a little different than the others because a public bus drove through the shot while my shutter was open. I liked how the light trails filled the frame yet didn’t cover the sign on the restaurant. ┬áPure luck really!

Downtown Fort Myers


7. Car Lights

I’ve been wanting to try this shot for a long time… Luckily for me our photo challenge forced me to finally go give it a try. I think I may be addicted now to long exposure car light photos!┬áBoth photos were taken on a tripod. I included the settings I used under each photo.

Car Lights 1

Exposure: 30.0 sec; f/25; ISO 100; Aperture Priority

Car Lights 2

Exposure: 30.0 sec; f/25; ISO 100; Aperture Priority