52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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5. Bird’s Eye View

This past weekend Tiny and Lola attended a charity event at the Longboat Key Club in Sarasota Florida. One afternoon, while relaxing with a glass of wine, she and Lola had a birds eye view of a lovely beach wedding and the pool area below.

beach wedding





46. Tell A Story

This past week Tiny took her little dog Lola on a trip to Yellowstone National Park to photograph wildlife. Right away they saw a bison grazing in the tall grasses near the edge of a river. Lola was content to just stay close and be a good little dog while Tiny snapped off several shots. Tiny didn’t know at the time but the photos she took of the bison would be some of the last she would get that day. After Lola spotted a moose off in the distance, Tiny would spend the rest of the day chasing Lola and saving her from being eaten. First by the moose and later by an angry mother grizzly bear when Lola got too close to her cub.

Disclaimer- Lola was never put into any danger during the making of this blog post. A stunt dog was used for all photos taken near any dangerous wildlife.


3. Before/After

Tiny’s very favorite style of photography is contemporary glamour and her favorite photographer is Sue Bryce. She owns almost all of Sue’s Creative Live video classes and even belongs to her members only convocation, critique and feedback group. She has been studying Sue’s techniques for a couple years and loves it when she has a client who wants to have a makeover before a photo shoot. She is always sure to do a Before and After photo during each session.






14. Four Letter Word

Last year when Patricia, Mary Nell and I were finalizing the themes for this year I thought this theme was going to be a breeze. And I had a lot of giggles wondering what everyone would come up with. It ended up being much more difficult than I thought… hence the reason why it is the last post of the year for me.

This morning I was reading a post to the LWRDPC facebook page by Morag Reid. The post was a list of 13 exercises to help photographers jumpstart their creativity. One of the exercises reminded me of a little ‘TINY’ photographer I bought while I was on vacation in Maine. I was in a toy store looking for some fun and creative things for my grandkids. Instead I found a whole line of little people by Playmobil for myself! I thought it would be fun to take my little photographer on vacation and pose her in all sorts of exotic places. That didn’t work out so well…. she ended up in the bottom of my purse instead.

So, today I got out my tiny little friend and challenged myself to take several photos of her while never leaving my desk chair. Silly things like this make me laugh… so I fully expect that Tiny will be showing up in more of my photos in the future!


Tiny on my hard drive

Tiny on my hard drive

Tiny on my power cord

Tiny on my power cord

Tiny on my Wacom tablet

Tiny on my Wacom tablet

Tiny on my shelf

Tiny on my shelf

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11. Golden Mean

If you google The Golden Mean you will also find the Golden Ratio, the Golden Angle, Devine Proportion, and Sacred Geometry.  It can be found in photography, art, nature, the proportions of the human body, architecture. The list goes on and on.

You might wonder why we chose to include this as a theme to our 52-week challenge? Well, because it is supposed to also be the most pleasing shape to the human eye. In photography we use the Rule of Thirds, which is just a simplification of the equation used in the Golden Ratio. Studies show that the human eye doesn’t like to rest on the center of a photo. It is more natural for our eyes to rest off to one of the intersecting lines of thirds grid. If you aren’t familiar with the Golden Mean google it and read more about it. Read about how it applies to all the things I listed above. Then the next time you go to crop a photo see if applying this rule helps you to create a photo that will be more appealing to everyone. I bet after you become more familiar with it you will start to see it in the shape and composition of A LOT of different things!

Below, I demonstrated the rules and ratios with a photo of a Gerber Daisy that I recently photographed against a back drop of black velvet.

golden mean

Rule of Thirds

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 100mm f 2.8 Macro Lens 1/16 sec; f/4.5; ISO 400 shot of a tripod

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 100mm f 2.8 Macro Lens
1/16 sec; f/4.5; ISO 400
shot of a tripod






17. In A Row

I debated and debated about what theme I wanted to attach this photo to. I considered On A Farm and All Alone. But I finally decided on In a Row. I took a trip to Arcadia, FL today with a fellow blogger for a little photo adventure. As we were driving I noticed this group of cows standing in a field. What caught my attention was the 1 black cow in a group of all white cows. Those things always make me wonder!  As soon as I got out of the car and walked down the fence line all the cows stopped what they were doing and decided to pay as much attention to me as I was paying to them. The first thought that came to me was that maybe they were thinking, “take a picture it lasts longer,” so I did!



40. The Wheels Go Round

Today was a big photo day! Besides going to the Sarasota Chalk Festival I also went to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum with the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club. I had as much fun taking photos of the club members taking the photos as I did taking photos of the cars! I did some experimenting with HDR photography and thought a couple of them might fit well with “The Wheels Go Round” theme.