52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


13. Zig Zag

Sarasota if filled with statues/sculptures! Just in googling for this blog I found stories about the Museum of Art and Whimsy, The Art Center Sarasota’s Statue Gardens, Sarasota Season of Sculpture and one that everyone is very familiar with the Unconditional Surrender kissing statue near Marina Jacks! I must admit I don’t always understand some of the choices of sculpture they choose to display along the bay. The Unconditional Love statue attracts a lot of tourists, but I’m puzzled how a statue that is based on a photo taken in New York found its way to the bay front in Sarasota. Oh well.

I found this silly alligator art/sculpture on Palm Ave. recently while walking around in downtown Sarasota. It’s not my favorite piece of downtown art but it did fit the theme “Zig Zag.” Because of that it will earn a place in my weekly photo blog. Maybe next year one of our themes will match some of the other statues that rank higher on my list!