52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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A3 Leading Lines

Recently I had the opportunity to stop at the rest stop near the Skyway Bridge to photograph the Kite Boarders. I decided that my photos would fit the theme “Leading Lines.”  All lines led to a kite…. if they didn’t it wouldn’t be a good thing for the boarder on the other end!




3. Change of Time

Yesterday I noticed this street clock while having a drink at McCallisters on Main Street. It seems to be as confused as my body clock. This springtime “Change of Time” always takes some getting used to!Image

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43. Row One

Yesterday I went to a spring training baseball game at Bradenton’s McKechnie Field. I had already decided before I left the house that I would try and take a photo to fit my “Row One” theme. I was sure that the photo would be of a very excited row of people sitting directly behind home plate! But, as I looked around the newly renovated stadium I quickly decided that I wasn’t sold on that “Row One” being the best seat anymore. I decided this theme will have to be a series of different photos showing and telling why I think I might like to watch the game from a row other than the obvious “Row One.”

Being a player and watching from the dugout would be a great row one. Besides a good view I’d love to hear the conversations going on between the players and the coaches!


 This bat boy was probably excited about his row one position. I was smiling just watching him and thinking about  what a thrill it must have been for him to have that job for the day. Image

The new bar in center field has a pretty great view. People were really friendly out there!  I love the seats that line the entire outfield. It was a perfect day to be sitting there. I’m not so sure it would feel so perfect on a hot, sunny day.ImageImage

I wondered if this guy thought his front row seat was still good as he was being beat up by one of the team mascots?!Image

The Bradenton Mayor and his guests had a pretty good view.


 The press box wasn’t to shabby either… shhhhh 🙂 Image

But THIS is my idea of the BEST “Row One” seat. I would have traded with that guy all day long!Image