52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


5. Winning

Last weekend I was one of the photographers hired to photograph runners in the Color Me Rad 5K in Tampa. It was sooooo much fun! I took photos of the runners both before and after they ran the race. For anyone not familiar with Color Me Rad, they color bomb the runners before and during the race. The runners spend a lot of time bombing each other as well. By the time they finish they look like brightly colored rainbows. The energy was amazing!  I manned the BLUE booth! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. The first photo is of the first girl to cross the finish line…. “The Winner!”  ImageImageImageImageImageImage


19. Poverty and/or Wealth

It’s getting down to the wire. My 52 Week Challenge will be ending the last week of July. A couple of the remaining themes I have saved intentionally. Others are because I am trying to find something that isn’t to similar to what others have posted. This post is an example of a shift in perception to find my photo.

I thought the perfect place to find a photo for this theme was downtown Sarasota. The wealth can be extreme there as can the poverty. I was in a search of a photo showing them side by side. The extreme I had pictured prior to my trip was no where to be found and I was feeling a bit frustrated. Then this HUGE yacht docked at Marina Jack’s caught my eye. I thought wow, there is wealth for sure. But I thought hmmm, isn’t any boat docked at a marina a representation of wealth? For someone with NO boat it is… but to the guy docked right next to the huge yacht it might not feel that way. It’s all about perception isn’t it?Image


16. Manual Labor

For my “Manual Labor” post I thought I would post some photos I took on my last visit to Panama. I have always loved a wall mural in a Boquete Cafe that shows the harvest of the orange trees and coffee plants.  Another day I went with friends to purchase flower plants in an area known for both their flower AND vegetable farms. I spotted this building covered in another mural showing the vegetable harvest. The Provence on Chiriqui is known for it’s furtive volcanic soil. It’s also considered the bread basket of Panama.