52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


18. Over My Head

Like many of my fellow bloggers I have been looking at my world with new eyes. My camera is ALWAYS nearby… after a few times of NOT having it with me, and being sure that I missed a gazillion photo opportunities because of it!

Earlier this week I was in my house by the ocean and heard a low flying helicopter. When I looked out the window I realized it was actually landing in a nearby beach parking lot. Of course the first thing I thought about what grabbing my camera and going to see what was happening! When I got to the beach I realized that this helicopter wasn’t the Coast Guard or beach analyzers or researchers checking on the red tide or erosion. But instead a medical emergency transport helicopter.

In Indiana we called them Samaritan helicopters. We would see them regularly following the path of a near by interstate highway. I always told my girls to take a minute and say a little prayer if they saw one because surly it meant that someone was in trouble and could really use the good thoughts.

I am both impressed and comforted knowing that in times of trouble we have such wonderfully trained professionals so accessible to us. The helicopter hadn’t landed for more that just a couple minutes when an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. The patient in crisis was quickly whisked away to the waiting helicopter and almost before I could get a good focus was “over my head,” and on their way to get the much needed medical treatment.

Then I took a minute to send the unknown person my good wishes and prayers to the family that was certain to be feeling very anxious for their loved one…




21. What a Choice!

This is the choice I am facing in the next couple weeks!

My husband and I are building a new home and so far have agreed on almost everything. When it comes to the wall colors that is where everything comes to a screeching halt! I have a manilla envelope packed with paint samples from several paint stores…. choice, choice oh what a choice!Image


9. Highways and Byways

I have been spending a lot of time roaming around Lido beach at sunset lately. Soon we will be moving to our new home in Lakewood Ranch. Although I am really excited that our home is almost complete I know I will miss being just a short walk from the beach.  On one of my recent sunset walks I went down a byway I have walked past many many times.  It’s hard to believe that this photo was taken just a couple blocks away from the very busy St. Armands Circle.



8. WOW!

My blog photo choice this week isn’t so much about the photo quality, but the content.

Back 100 years ago, when I was pregnant with my 3 daughters, ultra sounds were only done if your Dr. thought there might be a problem with the baby. Now it is common for the Dr. to do them routinely. With all of that being said…

My oldest daughter who lives nearby in Florida is going to have a baby in December. Yesterday I went with her to the all important find out the sex of the baby appointment! It was so exciting for me to be there in the room and share that experience with Alissa and Billy! Technology has come so far! Not only was I able to count all the fingers and toes, view “his” little heart beating, I saw the little “guy” taking a swallow and sticking out “his” tongue!

I  have 3 other grandchildren but unfortunately they all live far away in Indiana. Because of the distance I was unable to attend doctors appointments with my daughters or the births of their babies. I’m excited that this time around I will be able to be closer and experience some of these special times with my daughter!

So this is my Wow! photo. What is normal these days to some is brand new to me! I think Wow! to myself every time I view this photo and think about what a little miracle I am looking at!



25. A Little Red Dot

Anyone who knows me well can tell you I can be a bit of a wise guy! That will help to explain why I chose “A Little Red Dot” for my first photo theme. While I am so excited to be a part of this challenge it has been anything but easy to decide which theme to begin with!

Thank you to Josh at Staples for letting me dismantle the Easy Button display for the sake of my 1st blog photo. Image