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A-4 Night Shot


On a recent visit to Boston my husband and I spent the better part of a day trying to track down a particular spot to take a night shot photograph of the Boston skyline. I had done a search on 500px.com before we left to see what kind of shots others had taken in the places we would be visiting.

I saved a couple of the photos to my phone and as we explored the city I asked various people, waitress’ bartenders and a security guard if they knew the place. As dusk approached we finally spotted ‘Fan Pier’ from a horse drawn carriage ride we were on. We found our way back before the sun set and spent about an hour or so just sitting and watching the sun go down and the city lights coming on.

I love the memory attached to the photo because of how hard my husband and I worked together to find the location…

Boston Skyline


13 thoughts on “A-4 Night Shot

  1. It was well worth your hard work and wait Mindy. Just beautiful and I really like it in B&W.

  2. Well worth the effort – great shot!

  3. Love the photo. That husband of yours is a real keeper.

  4. lovely – great in B&W too … I do love to see lights on in buildings – we need more of that here in Sarasota!

  5. Great B&W Skyline

  6. Great night shot. I would not of thought of black and white. It suits the subject well. Nice to have such a lovely record of your shared project. I hope you hang it on the wall.

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