52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

11. Favorite Room


I knew right away what I wanted to do for this theme. Hands down my favorite room is the room I use to take photos. It’s my happy place. I have a large window that I use as a natural light source. I love to experiment with different types of reflectors both made by me and purchased at the fancy camera stores. My favorite is my 4×8 piece of white styrofoam. I bought 4 plastic shelf brackets at Home Depot and attached them to the bottom. It allows me to bounce light when I am working alone in my favorite room. I can easily drape the styrofoam with what ever my imagination can think up to use as a back ground. Sometimes that is something as simple as a piece of black velvet. I love using the styrofoam boards as painted backdrops as well when I am taking portraits. I can easily change a whole corner of my room into a bright cheery color or a lovely neutral gray.

I love to take creative portraits. I have recruited friends to dress up in lace, silk and shine so I can experiment and grow as a photographer. I have made my own tulle skirts to go with  pieces I have found while searching through vintage shops. My shelves hold many treasures that I are available for when ever my imagination runs wild! Sparkly jewels, hats, beautiful wraps, funny glasses, pillows, baskets, stools, chairs, ottomans, a wind machine, a bird in a nest, baby headbands, a tutu, sea shells, mirrors, frames, bean bags, flash lights, wigs, a genie lamp, a tiara, christmas lights, glow sticks and of course a lot of false eyelashes….  because why would anyone want to be photographed not wearing false eyelashes?  Well other than my assistant Lola. She isn’t into makeup but she does know to sit at a 45 degree angle with her chin over her shoulder if she wants to be my practice model.

favorite room

favorite room collection

26 thoughts on “11. Favorite Room

  1. You do good work in your happy room – good choice for this theme

  2. 10 points for me … I guessed it might be your favourite room creating wonderful photos and having fun.

  3. Makes me want to come over and play!!! Great room!

  4. Nice to see a little more of your world! How great to have your own special room to create beautiful photos! 🙂

  5. Great stuff and great idea for the foam board.

  6. What goes on in that room, stays in that room! Right, girls?

  7. Great idea. Your answer to a “man cave”.

  8. It sounds like we need to have a ‘Blogger Beauty’ day at my house! But sorry, no boys allowed! HA

  9. That’s it, Monday morning I’m kicking my daughter out and taking over her room…what a great room, great photos, and great post.
    By the way, I got a kick out of your post on my hubby’s blog. I’m not great with names and I’ve had a couple friends who went by these names Todd/Scott and Tony/George. People would tell which was the correct name and two minutes later I couldn’t remember, really, is there any difference between Todd and Scott – I swear they’re the same name, ditto for Tony and George.

    • 🙂 Your daughter isn’t going to like me! Unfortunately for Vinnie I had just finished writing on George’s post. But maybe now it’s a name that will have to stick!

      • I’m sure my daughter would like you a lot, I just can’t let her see that post. I’m just going to have to start buying lottery tickets or find a very rich patron. Are there any Medici’s around these days?
        We have to find a new and horrible, er, I mean memorable but not mean nickname for my husband.

  10. All things needed for your photography. Very creative.

  11. We would all love to visit your room and go through your things now! This reminds me of jars for sale at a gift shop in Mt Dora. There was a cute label and inside were all kinds of wacky little things that would get lost in a junk drawer, jewelry box or bottom of a toy box.

  12. What a fabulous room! It has given me lots of ideas. Thanks for being so generous with sharing your room. I am sure I will not be the only one to be inspired by it!

  13. Cool room, great pics, and a DIY attitude. That’s quite a combination.

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